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Night Skies
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The World Needs You

We all exist in the spheres of self, family, connections, community, nation, world, and eternity. All of us influence and affect each of these spheres.

If we become intentional about what we believe, how we act and behave, who we associate with, and what we pursue, our power and capacity to do and build good significantly increases.

When we couple that intentionality with a community of intentional beings who support each other, our impact and ability to do good are greatly magnified and our sphere of influence grows.

In other words, don't sit and wait for the world to end, or for someone else to solve the problems of our day. Come be a part of a community working to change the world, for good. We believe in you, and we believe you have unique gifts and talents that are an invaluable piece of shaping our world, at just a time as this.

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Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning

You have the innate skills, talents, and gifts necessary to change the world, for good. We help you see your gifts, learn and strengthen skills and knowledge, and provide opportunities to build good in the world.

You can take your life, and the rest of the world, to new heights by joining a community of those who believe it is possible to change the world, for good.

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