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As Goes America, So Goes the World

Believe in the World

The world has had significant improvement and progression ever since America shone its light and helped to topple dictatorships and kings that had ruled for most of known existence. As an American, your actions will directly influence and shape the world you live in, as America is still the source of example and light to the world.


While the world is a big place, it is in reality only made up of individuals. When you share the light inside you with others, you are helping to shape the world.

Work with Others

Due to the sheer number of people in the world, and the complexity of laws, governments, and cultures, the best way to help improve the world is to combine forces with others. You can donate a small amount to a charity, provide time or assistance to another, or join forces in sharing skills and transcending borders. However you choose to participate, you are strongest working with others.

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