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Believe Academy

Your Potential Awaits You

Believe Academy offers classes where you can learn practical skills and information that will help you reach your potential. If you need help finding your purpose, learning how to start a business, or developing the skills to take your vision to the next level, be sure to join us for informative classes offered by others who also believe that building good is possible.

The Believe Academy website is coming soon, but for now, you can see and register for classes below.

The Law

Learn to understand more about the foundations of our society and country. Become more persuasive in your ability to discuss important concepts and issues.

The Law takes participants through current legal and political issues and examines the legal, moral, and societal factors that have contributed to the current issue.

Each class involves an evaluation of both sides of current legal and political issues. The intent is to help participants gain a full understanding and appreciation that both sides of each issue have merit.

Additionally, the class works as a training ground to learn to discuss important and sensitive topics in persuasive and compelling ways, without anger or intense emotion involved.

The class is led by an attorney and trained mediator. The instructor will not push a particular political ideology other than to compare issues to the scale with anarchy on one side with tyranny on the other side, with appropriate government and liberty falling somewhere in between the two extremes.

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