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Believe In Youth

Our youth are our future. They are capable of great things. We believe that when challenged, they will rise to meet and exceed the expectations placed upon them.

This page contains classes, activities, and competitions that involve youth. We would love to have you join us, so scroll down to see what may apply to you!


Come Change the World
~For Real~

You are here to do something truly important.


You know that you have felt it, that it gnaws at you, reminding you that you have a purpose beyond fun and games alone.

We recognize it too.


We know that you can help to shape our world, for good. While the world may appear to have insurmountable mountains between you and your purpose, we have assembled experienced mentors and guides who can help teach you the skills and knowledge you need to triumph over any mountains in your way.

From August 30, 2022 - May 2023, a "Believe In Youth" class will be held weekly. Each class will focus on an important skill or knowledge that will help you reach your potential and will help you on your journey towards fulfilling your purpose or calling in life.

Each class will include an assignment that applies what you learned. The classes will help take you out of your comfort zone, push you to learn and try new things, and help you know and understand more about yourself.

In addition, and perhaps best of all, you get to pick a project or subject that you care about and begin working to make a difference in the world - the real world.

You will learn from a variety of mentors and guides on subjects such as individual purpose, self-confidence, resilience, expressing creativity, creating a business, influencing public policy/law, physical health, mental health, etc.

In addition, lessons on liberty, faith, and truth and their importance in our lives will be interwoven throughout the various skills and subjects that are taught.

Believe In Youth Program Details

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Student Paper Writing

Author Competition

Get Published

It's time. The story has been within you long enough. Write your wholesome and inspiring story and submit it for a chance to win and have your book published.

Details are below.

Doing Homework

Entrepreneur Challenge


We fully believe that youth can provide valuable services and jump start their career by starting a business. Join our entrepreneur challenge to receive mentoring and professional assistance from those who have experience.

Details will follow soon.

Running Shoes

Fitness Challenge

Connecting the Dots

We believe that physical activity helps to build character, improve the functioning of the mind, and increase emotional and spiritual well being. Due to this, we are focusing on developing fitness skills in a variety of areas.

Visit to learn more.

Become an author

This is your opportunity to submit your story. Join the competition, keep the rights to your story, and compete to write a wholesome and inspiring story that may help to change the world, for good.

Believe will pay for the winning book to be published and listed on Amazon and other sites.


We strongly believe that good stories have the power to change the world, for good. We invite you to use your talents and time to share an inspiring story the world needs to hear.

The winning story will be one that leaves an inspiring and wholesome touch on its readers.


All stories must be clean and appropriate for all ages. We do not accept submissions with vulgarity, sexuality, glorified violence, drug or alcohol use, or other inappropriate material. Submissions must be between 15,000 - 50,000 words. A parent must authorize your participation, and submissions are due by June 30, 2023. Only youth ages 11 - 19 are allowed to enter.


To register for the competition, please email us at Please include your name, email address, parent phone number and one of your parent's names and email addresses so that we can contact them for consent as well.

There is no fee to register. Registrations must be submitted by April 30, 2023.

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