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We strongly believe that physical activity is essential to building confidence, creating foundations for happiness, and providing mechanisms for success.

We are here for a physical experience. The more we use and develop our bodies, the more, we believe, we will be able to utilize creative powers to address problems in the world.

Soccer ball on field
Kids Playing Outside

Train As A Family And Community

We have weekly routines that can be done as a family or local community. These routines are good for a wide-range of ages and focus on developing skills and physical talents that we believe help to build confidence, strength, coordination, and overall health.

These routines are Covid-19 friendly, meaning that if groups are restricted from gathering, all routines have a home or indoor option if necessary.

We strongly believe that physical activity is necessary to a full and complete personal development, and it is never too late to start.

High School Basketball Game

Challenge Yourself and Others

Ultimately, we grow and develop more when we put our work to the test. We plan to organize sports activities and events for a wide-range of skill, ages, and mindsets.

Don't love fierce competition but enjoy playing? You can join a play-to-play group.

Never learned to play when you were younger? Join a beginning level of play.

We promote a positive attitude and experience to sports. The ultimate goal isn't to win, it is to develop our skills and talents so that we can become our best.

Believe Sports is a flexible way to develop new skills. We focus on training in a variety of areas and sports. Individuals can learn something new or develop existing talents.

In addition to the training, groups and communities can use our tools and resources to create leagues, teams, and events for their area. These events can be based on the community needs and resources, and can be facilitated by any member of Believe.

For example, one group may have access to parks and may elect to sponsor soccer competitions, while another group has access to basketball courts and opts for some basketball sessions.

The program is structured enough to keep people with weekly goals and ways to be involved, but flexible enough for individuals, communities, and groups to adapt as necessary for their particular goals and needs.

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