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Come Change a Life

The power of belief is real. You can change a life by letting a person know that you believe in them or are thankful for them believing in you! The power that comes when another person believes in you is real and tangible. It can make all the difference for a person who is facing a challenge, hard time, or great opportunity.

Plant a Believe Seed Today

Image by Lucas Sankey


Think of Someone that Needs to Know You Believe In Them

All of us need people that believe in us, but sometimes, sharing with someone that you believe in them has a far larger impact when they are facing difficulty, trials, or doubts.


Pick An 'I Believe' Wristband to Share

People can wear an 'I Believe' wristband as a reminder that you believe in them and that they can believe too. While words are powerful, a small symbol of your belief can add that much more to helping them feel your belief on an ongoing basis.

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Write a Short Message

Write a short message that conveys your belief in another person. Help them know that you believe in them. You don't need to explain why, you can simply share that "I wanted to let you know that I believe in you." Planting a Believe Seed by sharing a wristband and simple message can have a significant impact.

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Share an 'I Believe' Wristband to Plant a Believe Seed!

Share your belief. Change a life.

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Thanks for sharing your belief in another! Your seed of belief will grow into something amazing. Be sure to start to share the impact of your and others' belief at

*Items will be shipped as we are able to process and fulfill orders. We do not guarantee any delivery dates or times, especially around the holidays. Wristbands and messages may differ from the ones in the pictures. We do not accept returns or refunds as the funds are being used to help believe in others. If you receive a defective product, please contact us for a replacement. If you do not need the product, please pass it on to another to help spread belief in the world.

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