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We Want to Help People See Good in the World

Believe Trees

Have you received a Believe wristband? Or a note of gratitude or thanks from someone else? If so, you may now be part of a community effort to change the way that people see and experience good in the world.

Image by Simon Wilkes

Our Efforts

We are currently building an online software that has the ability to help people see the impact of a good deed, including their own good deeds and the good deeds of others. It is a work in progress, but if you have received something that brought you to this page, you can know that you are part of the foundation of a revolutionary project.

Please Connect with Us

We would love to hear about your story associated with what brought you to this page. If you are willing to share it with us, or have any questions, please contact us and put "Believe Trees" in the subject line. We will respond as quickly as possible. And, as soon as our software is functional, you will get to experience more of the actual Believe Trees experience, so be sure to check back!

Image by DaYsO
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