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Believe is based in Utah, but operates a virtual community with groups and opportunities available in a variety of areas throughout the United States.

Our goal is to blend the benefits of technology to connect people, while enabling in person and community interaction as often as possible.


Believe seeks to build a community of members who are working to build good in the world. When you are part of a community, your ability to impact the world is increased.

With a Believer level membership, you get access to the Believe platform run through Microsoft Teams, you get  a Believe email at, discounts on professional services, and the opportunity to participate in Believe meetings, among other things.

Based on the membership level you select, you will receive access to a varying level of benefits or initiatives.

Be sure to reach out to us if you have questions.

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The basic membership package lets you participate in Believe in person meetings and events and be able to interact with other members. This membership level does not give you access to the online community, but allows you to participate in person with Believe throughout the year.

$25/Month or


You can join Believe and gain access to the various initiatives, projects, and communities we are involved with at any given time. This package includes access to the Believe Teams' individual channels, access to Believe Sports and discounts on league registrations, a email, access to Believe Academy (some courses have additional charges), participation in the Believe community and opportunities to connect and network with other Believers.

By joining Believe, you are helping yourself and others proactively work to change the world, for good. We would love to have you join us as a Believer.

$70/Month or


Gain all of the benefits of the Believer package plus the ability to operate and promote your business as a Believe approved business. Believe is always working to find opportunities for Believe businesses to obtain additional customers and opportunities to change the world, for good. If a business meets our standards, it can join the list of preferred providers to other Believers and be listed in the Believe business registry, as well as use the Believe logo for certain business purposes.

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