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Believe Member Community Agreement

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By Small And Simple Things Are Great Things Brought To Pass - Alma 37:6


Believe is a member community comprised of individuals, businesses, groups, and associations who are proactive in working to change the world, for good.


In Believe, individuals take responsibility and action to improve themselves, their families, and the world around them. Our vision is that by each pursuing our full individual and collective potential, we can create and build a world that operates at the highest level of good possible.


Members of the Believe community are called Believers and Believers work to fulfill their divine purposes and callings, connecting with powers higher than themselves as they work to do so.


By joining Believe, Believers commit to the following shared beliefs:


1. Live by Faith – Faith is the foundational power of creation, and for something to be created, someone must first exercise faith that it is possible. Believers commit to be the individuals who first believe and then pursue actions necessary to proactively build and create good in the world.


2. Accept Personal Responsibility – Believers accept responsibility to use their gifts and talents to improve themselves, their families, and the world around them. Responsibility includes taking the initiative to overcome personal weaknesses, contribute to and help others, and plan and pursue ways to change the world.


3. Be Family Oriented – Youth and children are welcome in the Believe community, and we view all humans as children of God. Accordingly, we do not apply labels, inappropriate remarks, or other demeaning language to others. We dress inspiringly, we keep our language appropriate, and we strive to uplift all those we come in contact with, following the Golden Rule.


4. Contribute – We share as we are able, and we respect the contributions and works of others, not taking or using their work, efforts, property, or other assets without proper permission. We look for ways to assist others in their vision and efforts to build good in this world.


5. Build Community – Meaningful connections with others bring some of the most rewarding aspects to our world. As Believers, we strive to form and strengthen connections to those we live with through service, joining and hosting gatherings, and meaningful contributions and communications.


6. Live by Gratitude – We express gratitude to those who have helped us, we live a life that recognizes the many blessings and opportunities that we have, and we let a strong sense of appreciation for life settle deep in our souls. An attitude of gratitude helps change our focus from seeing problems to seeing opportunities and solutions.


7. Pursue Personal Growth – We strive to excel in all that we do, working to learn new things, master new skills, and improve the talents that we have. As progression brings happiness and fulfillment, we will strive to change who we are as we seek to become a better and more capable person.


8. Educate Others – We are willing to share the things we have learned with others, especially those in the community and youth and children. We believe that by collaborating and sharing with others, we can help facilitate the development and creation of good that is far more than we could do on our own.


9. Pursue Individual Purpose – We gain insights from our past, present, and potential to identify our individual purposes and callings in life, and we share what we see in others with them. We are willing to pursue our purposes and callings, even if it means sacrificing time, assets, or conveniences to do so.


10. Expand Spheres of Influence – Our influence and potential to change the world, for good, can expand as we seek to expand our spheres of influence. While we understand there are some things we cannot change today, we strive to work to have further influence tomorrow and in the future.


11. Share Light – We believe in the power of light and accept responsibility to radiate light and truth to the world through recognizing the spiritual realm that touches us all. Our music, words, thoughts, desires, actions, and pursuits influence the level of light in the world.


12. Connect with a Higher Power – Our abilities and efforts can be greatly multiplied by connecting with a power higher than our own. We strive to live in a way that qualifies us for connections to or assistance from such a power, and we strive to help others do the same.


As Believers, we recognize that we will fall short of each of these items at times, but we commit to keep trying, changing as necessary, and recognizing that failure does not occur until we stop trying.

Beliefs and Constitutional Rights


As Believers, we feel strongly that State and Federal Constitutions, the common law, and the natural law protects the rights of individuals and families to do the following:


  • Believe in and act in accordance with higher powers;

  • Associate together in private meetings and activities, including in the Believe Community, free of restraints or regulations that impose on the other core beliefs;

  • Pursue the creation and maintenance of good solutions to problems in society;

  • Develop and pursue individual and family potential;

  • Provide and receive education from others in the Community;

  • For individuals to make their own health, welfare, safety, education and maintenance decisions and parents to do the same for their children;

  • Speak freely on all matters, without abridgement by government, and to question and challenge societal narratives of the day;

  • Petition the government for a redress of grievances without threat of reprisal or injury;

  • To not be conscripted as a police officer, tax collector, law enforcer, or other government officer against our free will and conscience;

  • To support fellow members in the ways other members best see fit; and

  • To control our own property.


Specifically, the Community and its Members assert that the above rights are fundamental individual and human rights protected by State and Federal Constitutions. Community Members fully believe that these rights are a fundamental constitutional right safeguarded in the various applicable constitutions, including in declarations within such constitutions that there are other, unenumerated rights retained by the people. Community Members fully believe that the government should not regulate or interfere in the core functions of individuals and parents in electing the manner, form, health choices, location, size, or other factors in how their lives are best governed.

Members of Believe specifically assert their constitutional rights to assemble, to contract with each other, to speak freely, to live according to their religion and the dictates of their conscience, and to govern their own lives, especially in their own personal and private domain.


Members also fully believe and maintain that the common law and the law of nature both dictate that these rights are fundamental rights, essential in the fabric of a constitutional republic. Individuals are individual because there is not one option that works for everyone, and there is no form of education, health, assembly, speech, or other protected rights that are proper for each person. Each individual needs the right and freedom to select for themselves how they nourish and cultivate their body and mind, and the Members in the Community have come together specifically to pursue and create a community focused on providing these opportunities to those who also believe.




The Believe Community feels strongly in the power of meeting together to facilitate community. Due to this, Believe allows any Believer to host or invite others to a meeting. Believe encourages activities, meetings, and the like to build community, but all participation at such activities or meetings is voluntary. If Believe provides notice of a meeting or activity, it does not mean that such activity or meeting is approved or governed by the Believe Community itself.




Believers in the Community may elect to provide food, snacks, or other treats to Believers and their children. The Community is not responsible for any food provided or distributed by Believers of their own free will and choice, and each Believer agrees to retain full responsibility to communicate any dietary needs to other Believers, to instruct their own children about what food or edibles the child should or should not eat, and to understand that Believers may elect to prepare food on their own. Each Believer will be fully responsible for the food they elect to consume or allow their children to consume while interacting with the Community. Members authorize other members to help distribute food to their children in the event that others have chosen to share food.


Rideshare Services


Believers in the Community may elect to provide rides or rideshare type services to others in the Community, or they might have others not in the Community provide transportation for their children. The Community is not responsible for any liabilities that may arise as a result of Believers giving, receiving, or otherwise providing rides for others in the Community. Any such rides or rideshares, whether paid, voluntary, or otherwise, are all conducted at the risk of the Believer, and the Believer and the Believer’s child(ren) agree to look solely to the insurance of the providing Believer, or to the providing Believer if there is no insurance in place, in the event of any accident, claim, or other liability that may arise, and, if insurance is in place, you waive any claims against the other Believer to the extent that they exceed their insurance limits. In the event of a claim or other liability from another not in the Community arising out of or connected to transportation of a Believer’s child, the Believer providing the rideshare or authorizing the transportation of the Believer’s child(ren) agrees to indemnify and hold other Believers harmless from any and all claims, damages, losses, judgments, or lawsuits associated with such transportation and claims.


Joining Believe


To join Believe, Members must agree to the shared beliefs and agree to this document and contribute to the Believe Community. Contributions to the Community that count for purposes of membership include the following:


1. Pay the basic yearly membership fee (this fee may be waived for individuals who contribute time or services to Believe); and


2. Provide at least 2 hours/month assisting on Believe initiatives or projects or on the initiatives or projects of other Believers in the Community; or


3. Join a particular Believe community or network and pay the fee associated with that community; or


4. Host or attend at least 4 events, meetings, or activities for some or all Members of the Believe community; or


5. Serve as a Believe ‘Accountability Buddy’.


In addition, Members must act as an example of the Believers and maintain appropriate conduct and language towards others in the Community and in the world. Members must also maintain a valid email, phone, and address with the Community.


The Believe Board may approve other contributions that qualify a Member for membership in Believe. All Members may work with an Accountability Buddy who they check in with at least once every three months. Accountability Buddies help review a Believer’s goals and initiatives, review commitments made by the Believer, and discuss ways to help the Believer better achieve their goals and commitments. Accountability Buddies may report needs, concerns, or lack of meeting membership guidelines to the Believe Board.


If a Member does not follow these membership requirements, or behaves in a way that is not in line with an individual working to build good in the world, they may be removed from the Believe Community.

In addition, Believe may have various sub-communities or networks that may have their own rules and guidelines, which rules and guidelines may be changed from time-to-time. To maintain membership in these sub-communities or networks, each Member must follow the rules and guidelines of those other communities or networks.

The Community, Amendments, and Dispute Resolution


The Believe community is a group of individuals, entities, families, and others who accept the above principles and who work to change the world, for good. All activities, events, or pursuits in the Believe community are pursued by Believers, not the community itself.


This means that each project, pursuit, or endeavor has an individual, a group of individuals, or an entity who is responsible for it. These responsible parties are Members of the community, but are not the community itself. Community Members may choose to set requirements for participating in their efforts or endeavors, and may include others from outside of the community. To strengthen the community, all Believers agree to address any disputes with other Believers in private or in mediation or arbitration within the community, pursuant to mediation and arbitration rules promulgated by the Board of Believe Information Solutions, Inc.


Believe Information Solutions, Inc. is an entity owned by a trust set up to help maintain the Believe community. This entity does not have individual owners, but is authorized to process and handle necessary payments and to approve the use of the name and likeness ‘Believe’ by other Believers. The entity also operates a number of the Believe initiatives and projects. This document may be amended and updated from time-to-time by the Board of Believe, who currently consist of members of the Board of Believe Information Solutions, Inc. but who may consist of other Believers at a time when the community has expanded to a sufficient level to operate without the Board of Believe Information Solutions, Inc. (“Board”). The Board may, by majority vote, amend this Agreement from time-to-time. No amendments may be applied retroactively, but amendments will be considered binding upon a Member once the amendments are posted on the Community’s website upon the earlier of the Member 1) paying a contribution or membership fee to the Community, 2) participating in an educational or other activity, group meeting, or other event with the Community, 3) receiving or providing services to or from other Members in the Community, or 4) otherwise agreeing to the amendments.


All Members consent to the jurisdiction of the Community to resolve all non-criminal disputes arising between the Members or the Community. Such jurisdiction shall constitute ‘arbitration’ for purposes of laws that enable such alternative dispute resolution matters. The Community shall review complaints and determine if hearings are necessary or not to resolve the complaint. If necessary, the Board will appoint individuals to review the complaint who are not named in the complaint.


The Board will act within a reasonable time to investigate and review complaints. By continuing as a Member of the Community after a complaint resolution has been issued by the Board, a Member consents to the Board’s resolution of the complaint.


The Board may from time-to-time establish rules and procedures for conducting hearings, taking evidence, and otherwise adjudicating complaints or disputes between Members. At the conclusion of a hearing or other action on a complaint, the Board will also indicate the party responsible for the costs of the hearing, investigation, or other work conducted to resolve the complaint. The Board may also indicate that the Community will cover the costs or that parties are required to contribute to the costs. The Board may hire arbitrators or other professionals as necessary to conduct investigations, hearings, or other resolution procedures, and may consult with legal professionals regarding the complaints. All such associated costs may be assigned to parties involved in a dispute, and such assignment of costs will generally follow the party or parties at fault in a matter, unless there is good cause to assign costs otherwise.


Applicable Law


This Agreement is governed by the natural law, common law, the U.S. and Utah Constitutions, and the laws of the State of Utah, without regard to the associated conflicts of laws principles. If, for some reason, a dispute cannot be appropriately resolved and litigation ensues, all Members agree that they must first submit their disputes to mediation. If mediation is unsuccessful and a court does not remand the lawsuit to the Community for arbitration (as all Members have agreed is the appropriate method of resolving such lawsuits), then the Members agree that all disputes shall only be submitted in a court located in or serving Utah County, Utah, and all Members submit to the jurisdiction of such court and waive any defenses based on venue and agree that all actions should be transferred to such courts.


Indemnification and Release


Responsibility for Own Actions


Each Member agrees to behave responsibly when interacting with the Community and the other Members and to be responsible for the Member’s own behavior. Accordingly, each Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Community and its other Members from conduct or wrongdoing (including without limitation negligence, reckless behavior, willful misconduct, criminal actions, actions that breach agreements, or actions that otherwise violate the law) of the Member that harms or causes liability to accrue to the Community or its other Members. Such obligations extend to indemnifying defense costs for the Community and its other Members for claims arising from the conduct or wrongdoing of the Member.

No Guarantee


The Community does not warrant or guarantee any set outcome, level of education, level of freedom, or other particular result associated with joining the Community. Each Member accepts full responsibility to work and contribute to any outcome, level of education, level of freedom, or other particular result that they want to achieve, and each parent accepts full responsibility to provide the education they feel is necessary for their children. The Community believes that by working together, more can happen and better results can occur, but such belief does not guarantee any particular results.


Release of Community & Release of Certain Claims Against Other Members


As Members have agreed to be responsible for their own conduct and acknowledge that the Community does not warrant or guarantee any particular results or outcomes, each Member releases and discharges the Community from any and all claims and liability associated with conducting the operations, activities, and events of the Community. In particular, each Member agrees to contribute to the Community by being responsible for the Member’s own conduct. Each Member releases the Community of any legal or other liability, and each Member agrees to not pursue claims or actions against other Members unless such claims or actions arise from willful or intentional misconduct or criminal conduct. Specifically, Members waive claims against other Members for actions arising in negligence or other unintentional torts that are related in any way to matters that individual Members assumed individual responsibility for under this Agreement or under the shared beliefs above.


Parental Obligations


The Community does not take the place of a parent and does not assume all potential responsibilities or liabilities associated with a Member’s child. Each Member parent agrees to fully provide for the needs of their children. In particular, Members agree to maintain proper insurance for any and all accidents that may arise and for other health options, based on what each Member feels is necessary for them and their child(ren). The Community cannot assume the cost of insuring against accidents, sickness, or other injuries or damages that may arise while a child is participating with the Community, as that would render the Community’s efforts far too costly. Each Member agrees that they contribute to the well-being of the Community by maintaining the responsibility to insure or pay for their own child’s health and other needs. The Community is not obligated to ensure that any Member parent has obtained any particular level of insurance.


Each Member also agrees to be responsible for all other care the Member’s child(ren) may need. The Community does not administer medications or enforce any particular health practices among the other Members who attend in the Community as the Community does not serve as a police or health officer. While Members of the Community will work to identify and help avoid serious bullying, the Community also cannot guarantee that there will be no situations that arise that a Member will need to address with their child(ren) to help them through, as children often need guidance from parents on interacting and responding to others in their environment.


Parent Members agree to work closely with the other Members and to inform of issues that come to a Member’s attention. Members agree to help address behavior or other issues that arise with the Member’s child that are raised or discussed with a Member. Each Member acknowledges the importance of helping their child learn to work with others, respect those teaching them, and respect those they learn with each day.


Parent Members also agree that any education provided within the Community does not satisfy any compulsory education requirements and parents agree to assume full responsibility for compliance with compulsory education laws, whether through home educating their child(ren) or placing them in schools or academies that satisfy such requirements.


Release of Claims Related to Children in the Community


Based on the above, and in consideration of having a child or children participate in the Community, each Member agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the Community and any of their Members, managers, officers, contractors, tutors, curriculum developers, and agents, and all others with whom they work, from any and all consequences, damages, claims, issues, losses, expenses, costs, or other problems that may follow, relate to, or be associated with the Member’s child’s participation with the Community in any way (“Claim” or “Claims”), regardless of the cause or source of the Claim and regardless of whether the Claim is foreseeable or not, and whether it arises in negligence, tort, contract, equity, or otherwise. Each Member agrees that other Community Members may call an ambulance or other emergency personnel if it appears necessary for the health or safety of a Member or a Member’s child, and the Member or child’s parent agrees to pay for all costs and expenses associated with the emergency response.


Parental Indemnification for a Child’s Claims


To the extent Utah law requires a waiver after a claim has arisen, or otherwise does not recognize the release above for Claims accruing to a minor, and pursuant to the parent’s agreement to provide for their own children, each Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Community and any of its other Members, managers, officers, contractors, tutors, curriculum developers, and agents, and all others with whom they work, from any and all Claims that may arise as a result of a Member’s child’s actions, accidents, or participation with the Community, including without limitation if a Member’s child causes harm to another child or if a Claim arises in negligence.


Members agree that the Community does not guarantee a particular success or level of achievement for a child, and Members are not relying on any representations or guaranties not provided in this document in making their decision to have their child participate with or in the Community. 


Due to the above, each parent Member, as a contribution to the Community, agrees to be responsible for indemnifying the Community from any and all claims that arise against the Community based on the Member’s child participation in the Community. Members agree that their recourse for any Claims not released above is against the other Member(s) responsible for causing the claim to arise, and not against the Community.


Legal Miscellaneous


If any portion of this document is unenforceable for any reason, such unenforceable provision(s) may be severed from this document and the remaining provisions still fully enforced. This document binds the Member upon signing to the terms and conditions contained herein, as well to the updates and amendments that may be made to this document. This document constitutes the full agreement between the Members, superseding and replacing any prior agreements or understandings, and there are no oral or other side agreements between the Community, Members, and Member signing below. The Member signing below is under no duress or coercion to sign this document and has had opportunity to consult with counsel of the Member’s choosing.


The prospective Member signing below represents that the prospective Member has full authority to sign this Agreement and is doing so intending to be a part of the Community with the responsibilities associated with such membership.

By purchasing or requesting a membership with Believe, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, as well as affirming that you believe in and desire to live by the principles set forth in this Agreement.

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