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A Christmas Wish

As Charlotte looked out the window, she saw more cars arriving at her neighbor’s house. She tried not to think about how lucky they were, to have so many friends and family. It seems that they had a party almost every night.

As good neighbors do, of course, they had invited Charlotte to attend one of the neighborhood gatherings. Charlotte couldn’t bring herself to do it though. She glanced over at her son, playing with his toys, unaware of the fact that Charlotte hadn’t been able to buy him anything for Christmas yet. She still wasn’t sure if she would be able to scrape together any money or not in the next few weeks.

Charlotte’s life had not gone as she had hoped. Inside, she felt numb as she tried to not cry. Numbness was her best way to try and keep herself together, to try and avoid facing the fact that she felt like a failure in almost all aspects of her life.

From the outside, her life looked fairly normal. Nobody would know of the feelings she had inside, as nothing in her life appeared to be a failure. She had a house, a son, a job, etc., and nothing appeared out of sorts, especially since she smiled at everyone she met.

As she tried to reason through why she was so numb, of what caused the pain that she tried to suppress, she could only think that she never felt a connection to any person. Ultimately, she was realizing, she felt alone, too little or unimportant to be cared about, too little to have anything worthwhile to contribute to the world.

Others did really neat things all of the time. She just spent her time trying to hold things together inside. Others thought about their friends and gave nice gifts. She had to put all of her energy into making ends meet.

Ultimately though, she realized she felt like a failure because she didn’t feel like she was worthwhile to another human. It had been so long since anyone had just stopped by to talk to her, or call just to chat.

She looked over at her son again. She wanted him to have what everyone else had, but he just had her. Since her hands and heart felt so empty, she didn’t feel she had anything to give him. Feeling unable to give really hurt her inside, and only added to her feelings of loneliness and failure.

After putting her son to bed that night, Charlotte found herself crying. “I just want to matter to somebody” she thought to herself. “I just wish that someone could see me.”


Most of us try to keep on a good face when we are around other people, yet many of us experience deep pain and suffering inside. It is often not possible for our eyes to see the many needs of those around us.

The real journey in life is internal, it is in and through our own hearts and minds. The world we often think of presents a place for us to cross paths, to interact on an external front, and to see others with our physical eyes, but the real world for each person is what they experience and feel internally.

We can change the true world we experience by really connecting to those around us. God puts people in our path everyday that wish, like Charlotte, that someone could see them.

God has a plan for us. Good will prevail in our world. As part of God’s plan, He gave us each the power to play an important role in building good. Each of us has a part, and as we do our part, God will combine our efforts together with the efforts of others to create a beautiful symphony. No one person has to do all of it, but as we fulfill our part given to us, the power of good will continue to rise and grow stronger.

With so much weighing heavily on the minds and hearts of others though, we can all use some help to unlock the potential inside of ourselves, to get past the discouragement and gloom that often hangs inside.

If we want to help good prevail in this world, we can start by simply believing in and connecting with others.

Stop by and say hi to a neighbor down the street. Give a random person on the subway a small Christmas gift. Call a family member to see how they are doing. Take time to listen to someone, asking questions such as “What are some of your challenges at work?”, “How are things going as a parent?”, “What in the news worries you?”, etc. Tell a person you believe in them.

Taking time to listen to a person and care about how they feel starts the path to an internal connection. The more internal connections we can form with people, the more our external world will change, for good, as our external world is only an extension of what is inside of each of us.

This Christmas, you can help someone’s Christmas wish come true. Take a moment to see them for who they are, an important, valuable, child of God, with eternal potential. Perhaps even, rather than spending money and time buying and wrapping gifts, you take a moment instead to spend time with a person, with your phone where you won’t see or hear it and your heart wanting the best for them.

You can change a life by connecting with a person and seeing them for who they are, and our external world will change the more we are able to believe in and convey that belief to others.

God did not send us here to fail. You are needed, and God knows who needs you as He puts those people in our spheres of influence.

We would love to have you join us as we work to unlock the good potential inside each person. Our community is growing, and we would love to have you be a part of it.

We would love to connect and work with you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or connect with us. We truly believe that you have potential to be part of the symphony of good that will grow stronger and stronger in the days to come. May God bless you this Christmas season.

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