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Faith Builds

Building and creating is an act of faith as we have to first believe that something is possible before we build or create it. Faith is the power that connects what can be in the future (the finished product) to our actions today. Our faith guides us as we strive to do what is necessary today to create something, and our faith, if used well, will help to build a better tomorrow.

To live by faith means that we are looking to our future and what we want to accomplish. Faith is the act of looking ahead, selecting a goal, path, or destination, and then starting to pursue that goal. When we look at the faith of those who came to the American Continent, we recognize that their faith and eye towards the future helped to build and establish the amazing freedoms we have in this country today.

All of us are the beneficiaries of countless individuals who have lived by faith. They wanted something better for their children and posterity, and they worked to accomplish that. The faith of those who have gone before has helped to build our nation, the buildings in it, the educational opportunities that exist, the laws that help bring equality, etc.

Faith is a belief in something that can be but is not here presently. We have to believe because it isn’t here yet, but when we open our minds to its potential, our faith is the foundation that motivates us to work and build to accomplish that which has not yet been done.

Faith and creation go hand-in-hand. To create means to take something that lacks shape or form and give it shape or form, to bring it to life, or to bring something from a mere thought into actual existence. When we actually believe that something can be, we start to work to make it be. Our minds are the location of where all creation starts, our faith in the potential we see is our power to act, and our efforts are in accordance with our faith as we work to build and achieve.

As a country, America’s foundation is one of faith. Faith of countless individuals who have lived, dreamed, and worked to achieve those dreams. Their efforts have built countless buildings, roads, businesses, laws, and the things that we enjoy. If we hold true to our foundation, we can accomplish even more as we work to continue in the same trajectory as those who have gone before us.

As living beings, we all have the capacity to create, to build, and to change ourselves and the world around us. We each have something innate inside of us that we can contribute, that we see that others don’t, or that others need. When we believe in our divine heritage, in our capacity as human beings to influence and impact others, and in our ability to create something, we strengthen the faith we need to create that which has not yet been done.

When we exercise faith, we create and build. When we build, we progress. As we progress, we find incredible happiness and fulfillment in life, and all of that is predicated on having the faith to take the thought in our mind and shape it into something that can be in the actual world.

We believe in your capacity to shape and change the world, to create that which has not yet been, and to connect to the future that may be. We encourage you to exercise your faith and begin building today. What you build will impact countless individuals for years to come.


Believe is a community of people who are working to build good in the world. We would love to have you join us. The world may never be the same.

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