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Follow the Game Plan

Welcome to March! March Madness is in full swing, and the NBA playoffs are right around the corner with the best coaches and players competing against each other from all over the country. As a basketball fan there is no better time of the year.

As with any team sport, it is imperative to have a team 100% committed to the coach's game plan in order to have success. If even one player decides to be selfish and not follow the game plan the whole team suffers.

So how do you develop faith in the coach’s game plan? Do you sit on the bench and do nothing? Of course not. You get into the game and do exactly as he tells you to. Then, as you see the game plan working your confidence, or faith, grows. One definition of faith is that “faith is a hope for things which are not seen, which are true”. You can hope or believe in something and the best way to know if it is true or not is to get into the game and see it for yourself. So how will you get into the game? What actions do you need to take to grow your faith?


At Believe, we work proactively to change the world, for good. If you don’t fully believe yet that good can come, that is okay. Come and join in a project. Come and work with others who are working to make good happen. As you do, your faith will grow, and you too will see that it is possible to build good, as the world’s best days are still ahead. Please join us as we work to change the world, for good.

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