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Just Start Driving

We cannot steer a parked car. A car can only be directed when it is moving. Depending on where we are going, we may travel faster or slower at different times.

Life is similar. We all have destinations – or goals – that we want to reach. We may want to achieve a set level of wealth or have a certain job. We may want to help do something good. We may want to have a family. We know that reaching these destinations takes work and movement, but we often stay where we are, simply because we do not know the path to travel.

One of the interesting ironies in life is that we often work hard to obtain a sense of security or permanency, even though there are goals we have not yet achieved, and even though it is impossible to stop the constant change going on around us. We have all witnessed how a pandemic, war, tornado, or earthquake can be here one day and gone the next, leaving intense sets of changes in their path.

As humans and individuals, we each have things that will make us happy, that will make us feel more complete, that will make us feel satisfaction. Often though, we do not know how to achieve the things we want. For example, many people long for peace in the world, yet feel entirely unsure of how to help achieve it.

Ideas and desires flow through us every day. We may feel envy when we see others that have something we want. We may long for something in our lives that is not there, and yet we often do not change our circumstances.

Our longing for security often means that we want to understand each part of the trip, or each part of our efforts along the way. GPS, perhaps, has helped make us inclined to want to see the beginning from the end before we start our trip.

Rarely is our path in life as clear as the path GPS may lay out for a road trip. If we are seeking direction or inspiration for how to plan every segment of our path in life or even for every step in our efforts to build something good, it is common for us to remain in the dark.

One of the major differences between life and a trip is that our destination in life has never been visited before. Since we are individuals with unique talents and abilities, nobody has ever walked our exact path before, and our destination lies somewhere in uncharted territory. To reach a destination that is meaningful to us, we have to be willing to venture into the unknown.

In other words, it is rare that we can see or understand all of how something will work out. When we have a goal or desire, we do not have to know how to achieve it all before we begin. We just need to start moving; meaning, we need to start working or pursuing the goal or desire.

As we move, it becomes easier to steer. Directions can come as we are driving, and the steering wheel becomes far easier to manage as we are driving to our destination.

So, if you want to do something meaningful, important, or good, and you do not know how to do it, just start driving. Reach out to others, ask questions, share your desires, write your thoughts, invest time or money, etc. Just start driving.

As you begin taking steps, you will start to gain a sense of direction. Inspiration can come, and it certainly will, as you embark on your journey. Some paths, or efforts, will help you understand that it is not the direction to pursue, while other paths, or efforts, will help you realize that you are headed in the right direction.

There is always a way to accomplish the good desires that are in your heart. God put them there for a reason. If you do not know where to start, do not worry. Most of us face the same challenge. The people who accomplish good are simply willing to start driving, letting their directions come as they are out moving and working. God will not steer a parked car, and neither can we, so just start driving.


At Believe, we are creating a community of others who are willing to venture into the unknown - people who are willing to build, to create, to shape, and to try things that have not been done before. We would love to have you join us. The world may never be the same.

Believers Wanted

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