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The Call to Change

You’ve felt the whisper. You know the truth. You are more than your past and your current situation. You came here to do something important. You know you have the capacity to help shape and change this world.

That whisper within pushes us to be someone we are not now. It prompts us to start on a journey, one whose destination we do not know and one whose path we do not fully see.

You are not an average person. You are not here by mistake. You are the change the world needs.

For all of us to reach our potential and live up to the calling within, we must change. Our desires, beliefs, thoughts, and actions can get in the way of our potential, and we must reach deep inside to hold fast to the resolve to journey the path that has not yet been made. In other words, to reach our potential, we must forge a new path, one yet untrod by those who have gone before.

The infinite worth of the human soul comes from the fact that an individual is not replaceable. There will never be another you. This means that while living true to the light within, you will feel alone at times, as you will be walking a path that has not yet been made.

Of course though, darkness has its place within us too. There is a battle raging inside over who and what we become. Do we succumb to the fallen tendencies inside and become beings of anger or vice, or do we follow the light and put off the fallen tendencies that we have?

We are all facing darkness within and around us, and the only way for us to reach our potential is to become intentional about what we believe and pursue.

The old adage says “Believing is Seeing.” While this is certainly true, believing is much more than seeing. Of its many facets, one important thing about believing is that truly believing involves changing – changing ourselves, our actions, our thoughts, and our words to reflect what we believe inside.

Words of wisdom written nearly 2,000 years ago say that “faith without works is dead.” It is not enough to say that we believe. True belief requires that we do something.

As humans, we are a complex system of beliefs, desires, appetites, lusts, light, passions, darkness, thoughts, subconscious, individuality, etc. Many of them conflict and battle with each other, and we are constantly working to help our correct and wholesome beliefs and thoughts rise to the top of the others.

For example, a person may believe that exercise is good. Many people hold this belief, but many with the belief do not exercise consistently. We may find ourselves continuing to sit on the couch, scrolling through more online content, day after day, even though we think that we ‘believe’ that exercise is good.

Or, we may believe that pornography is bad, but still view it, simply because it is part of a movie we otherwise like. At some point, we have to accept the responsibility to remove from our lives the things that do not coincide with our actual beliefs or the things holding us back from being who we are called to be.

The things that we truly believe are those that dictate our actions. When we find ourselves sitting on the couch day after day, it is a sign that we do not believe deeply enough in the value of exercise as there is another belief more powerful at work inside, a belief that we may find what we are looking for by continuing to browse online content, or consume more entertainment, or any number of other beliefs.

When we say that we ‘believe’, but we don’t yet act on that belief, we may have a seed of belief, or a desire to believe, but those have to be grown and developed into real, mature belief. To do this, we have to begin acting on those small seeds or desires that are inside of us. This takes intentional thought and effort.

Ultimately, the only way to grow belief is to change. The seeds of belief that we have inside promotes change and action and provides motivation. We address the darkness inside and pursue the light. We form new paths and new relationships. We put ourselves with others who are believing and doing the same.

To truly change though, we often need the support and help of others. Luckily for us, there are plenty of people willing to help and work with us if we are willing to help and work with them. All of us need to change, all of us need support, but we also all have something to give another person.

We can take steps to journey out of the darkness, isolation, neglect, or other state we are stuck in. All of our actions will lead us somewhere, and at some point, we find ourselves needing to forge a new path forward. This is our point of potential, and it is a point where we need to be intentional, choose to believe, and forge ahead, as the good paths we forge as individuals create a lasting impact on the world that helps to shape it into something better than it was before.

It is time to embrace the potential within, to stop ignoring the whispered reminders of who we are, and to begin the journey of truly believing by changing our actions, today. Believing is changing. Live true to the calling within.


At Believe, we are working to help each other reach our potential. We truly believe that when an individual pursues the good potential they have inside, they will be a part of shaping and changing the world, for good. We would love to have you join us on this journey.

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