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The Illusion of Tomorrow

Life is full of opportunity. Most of us can relate, though, to passing up on an opportunity, thinking “I will get to that tomorrow.”

Tomorrow can be a powerful illusion that tricks us into thinking that at some future point in time, we will have more energy, time, money, or something that will make us do what we should have done today.

Perhaps tomorrow’s illusion is more powerful because it feels so close, so within our grasp. Perhaps it is powerful because it is an easy way to rationalize not doing something today. Perhaps it is powerful because it is a simple excuse to not work in the present.

The present is a connecting point between our past and future. It is the point at which meaning and purpose is made and life is lived.

The future and its potential can fill us with hope or dread. It can inspire us to work, such as if we want to finish college, or it can cause us to stop working, such as if we feel that a path is no longer an option.

There is nothing guaranteed about the future that will give us more energy, money, time, or motivation to do what we need to do.

If we have something we want to experience in the future, we have to start working for it today. If we give in to the excuse of doing it “tomorrow”, we will likely keep giving in to the ever elusive “tomorrow”, as tomorrow never comes.

Of course, it is impossible to do everything today. We often have to plan out when we do what. We can choose to go to the store on Saturday, church on Sunday, and work on Monday. Those choices and planning are different than the elusive concepts of “tomorrow”, as picking a day and time for something shows a commitment to do that thing.

Simply saying “tomorrow”, though, shows a lack of commitment to accomplishing the item or task, as there is no concrete date or time picked. The lack of commitment we exhibit translates into a lack of work to accomplish what we keep putting off.

So, next time you find yourself saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”, instead pick a date and time and say “I’ll do it this Monday at 2,” or “I’ll schedule it for Friday at 7”. The simple action of switching from the illusion of “tomorrow” to a fixed point in time of a day and time is a significant step forward in working to pursue a meaningful life.

Meaningful work is one of the great secrets to happiness. Being willing to work today, or to commit to a particular day and time for the work, changes the trajectory of our life greatly. Being stuck in a rut of saying “tomorrow” to the work of today, though, will keep us doing what we have always done, and living a life beneath our potential, a life full of illusion.


At Believe, we are working to change the world, for good. We strive to work today so that future todays can be filled with more meaning and purpose. As we are a community of like-minded people who are willing to work, we invite you to join us in building good in the world. Working today will help free us more from the illusion of tomorrow.

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