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The Power of Service

“Hey, I’m leaving the company I am at, and they need someone to provide some legal services on a temporary basis. Are you interested?”

The call could not have come at a better time. I had just started out on my own as an attorney and was looking for clients. I hadn’t talked to the individual who called me for quite a few years, and I wondered what had made him think of me after that amount of time.

As I thought about how I met him, I reflected back to the apartment complex I lived in during law school. I had been out walking that day and saw that he was moving in. He was unloading a trailer by himself, and so I offered to help. It didn’t take long, but it did create a memory that allowed him to think of me when the opportunity arose.

As I continued to try and obtain clients for the law firm I was starting, I found that by reaching out to a person, group, or non-profit and offering to help them with something, they would repay it by referring others to me, especially when I didn’t ask for a referral or anything in return.

For example, one Christmas I offered to do a trust for an elderly neighbor that didn’t have a lot of money. I did the trust for the neighbor and was surprised a few months later to get a call from a local bank.

I had made a goal of becoming an attorney that the bank would refer its customers to for estate planning purposes. I didn’t have any ins at the bank though, but this elderly neighbor did. I didn’t ask the neighbor for any referrals, but the neighbor knew one of the head financial planners at the bank and told him about me. I was quite surprised to see that my goal was accomplished simply by serving a neighbor.

In other words, I learned an important lesson. Service is a powerful tool. I haven’t yet heard a seminar on how to grow a business that mentioned the power of service, but I found it to be a great way to build a business that is based on trust and goodwill, as most service-based businesses are.

In addition, during the times in life that I have struggled emotionally or with other factors, I have found that there is a lot of power in simply reaching out and serving someone else. It is not hard to find someone that is in a worse spot than I am, and it helps keep a lot in perspective.

Ultimately though, service helps to create strong and meaningful relationships. I believe that we as humans thrive when we have meaningful relationships with others. People are what brings happiness, and service helps to build relationships with people. In other words, service is the bridge or link to happiness.

But, when we serve, we build relationships where people are willing to give back. They are willing to help when we are down, they are willing to let others know about us, and they are willing to listen when we need it.

Service is a powerful tool. It is an investment in the life or cause of another, as well as an investment in our own life. When we are willing to serve and help, we will find ourselves as beneficiaries of another’s service at some point, and it will usually come at a time when we need it the most.

If you find yourself feeling alone, trying to get a new job, trying to start a business, feeling down, or otherwise needing a boost, try the power of service. Pick a local non-profit and go and help. Call a friend and take them to lunch. Check out Your service today can help a person and can help you have what you need in the future.

There is power in service. Never underestimate what can come from helping another person.

Will You Help Someone Today?

Every day, people face challenges and need support from another person. There is almost certainly someone in your family, neighborhood, or work that could benefit from knowing that you believe in them. If you take a few minutes to let the person know that you believe in them, it can create a connection that will help to empower them as they work through their challenges.

If you cannot see the person face-to-face, you can have an ‘I Believe’ wristband and personal message delivered to them through the website at If you order these prior to November 22, we will apply 100% of the net proceeds to help a mom in the Philippines with her medical expenses she incurred while keeping her newborn son alive in the NICU. Her bills must be paid shortly after the 22nd, so we will send 100% of the net proceeds to pay for the bills.

This means that you can help two people at once, the person you are sending the ‘I Believe’ wristband to, and the mom in the Philippines who faces insurmountable obstacles on her own. Your small act of service can go such a long way, and can change the world, one person at a time.


At Believe, we are working to build a community of people who are willing to build good in the world. We would love to have you join us. The world may never be the same.

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