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The Whisper Inside

“You are here to do something important.” This whisper has gone through our minds and hearts, teasing us amidst the doldrums of work, life, and the busy days and nights we often face.

The whisper may come while reading about others, in quiet moments of reflection, or at random or unexpected times. Yet, no matter how many times we let the thought pass without further action, it seems to come back, weaving its whisper into varied thoughts and feelings we experience.

We believe that you are here to do something important, and that the whisper is an echo of the truths and identity inside you.

No matter your current situation, you can do something important, meaningful, or life changing for another. You can help bring good to someone’s life. You can alter the course of events in the future. You can be a person that touches the life of another.

Why is it hard to believe that you are someone that has the potential to change the world? Why is it hard to believe that you are here for something important?

The world is a big place, full of billions of people. Very few people are in a place to influence a large number of people at the same time. Basically, we accept the false notion that to do something important or meaningful, we have to do it in a place or way that millions of people see.

However, the most powerful influences are those in our sphere of influence. People that change the course of our lives often aren’t those on television; they are those we actually interact with. Positive interactions can take on a life of their own as those who have experienced them become kinder and spread the good themselves.

Like a seed, good deeds grow. They spread. They touch lives, and as lives are touched, the good lives on.

We each have the power to start good in motion, to create good, to spread good, and to help good live in this world. We need to stop believing the lie that we have to have access to millions of people before we can do anything.

So, as you hear the whisper inside, accept it. Acknowledge that you are here to do something important and begin to live according to the truth inside. As you are able to start doing the things within your power on a daily basis, your capacity to do good, your ability to start things in motion, and your influence will all start to grow and spread.

You are good. You are capable. You can make a difference, and you can do important things. The whisper inside invites you to rise to the challenge today and begin pursuing your potential to change the world, for good.


At Believe, we do not simply tell others to believe these things, we act on what we believe and work together to help increase each individual’s ability to change and influence the world around them. The world needs you to contribute the good inside of you. We would love to have you join us on this journey.

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