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We Are All Creators

I stood at the front of the classroom, starting to teach a new concept and technique to my elementary art students. I was so excited to teach this new project. I had spent days coming up with the concept, gathering and preparing the proper materials to create it and the history behind the technique. I was excited and committed to this project. The classes response was varied, as expected, but I just knew once they got started, they would be just as excited.

In front of them was placed two white sheets of paper. One larger than the other. The medium or tools being used were pencil and oil pastels. We were going to create beautiful poinsettias that would feel like they were coming off the paper. I knew this project could work, and now I had to convince these smart kids that they could do it. Over the years of teaching in the schools, I came to realize that that not all kids love lunch time, recess, PE or art. How was I going to teach these kids they are capable of creating this project?

We all come packaged differently, but we all have something great to offer. We are all creators. In each of us is the ability to make something great. For some it is painting, for others it is a delicious meal, for others it is making a website, a new business plan, the list goes on. How we see things, how we talk about them, what we do with these things and how we believe in them, has a great impact on how we create.

We live in a beautiful world, created for us to enjoy, learn and grow. It was created with each of us in mind. Before things can be created physically, they have to be created spiritually. To create something, we have to think of it first, create a blueprint. This is how we see it in our minds. Once we create it in our minds, we can create it physically. We have to do the spiritual creation work before we can do the physical. See it, talk about it, then do it. Believe in it!

Back in the classroom I was seeing excitement, as well as frustration. Some were overwhelmed at how they were going to be able to accomplish this project. So we took a step back and looked at a real poinsettia, examined the leaves, colors, texture. We closed our eyes to see it in our mind and how we each wanted our leaves to look. See it, talk about it, now do it, believing it was possible. We started with one simple line. Just one. Then we made another line, then another, and one more to connect them together to create a leaf. The surprise and excitement that was in that room was palpable as they realized that they could create the poinsettia. As the lines continued to be drawn from what they saw in their minds, their belief grew in their capabilities. Then came the color from the oil pastels and rubbing in the color with blending pads to enhance the beauty of their drawing. They were creators! Not one poinsettia was alike, but they were all beautiful.

We all have remarkable abilities to create. We all have something good we can offer. See it, talk about it, do it, believing YOU are enough and what you can create for good will make the world a better place.


At Believe, we are working to create good in the world. We believe in you and your ability to create good and beautiful things, whether it is a painting, a book, a business, a non-profit, a friendship, or an impactful memory or moment for someone that really needs it then. We are all creators, and we would love to have you join us on this path as we work to create good in the world.

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