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What If We Could Really See?

Human vision, while amazing, only picks up a small subset of the complete light spectrum. I have often wondered what we might be missing out on seeing or understanding with how much of the spectrum we do not process.

Of course, we have machines that can process various portions of the light spectrum, but are they capturing everything? Science theorizes too about ‘dark matter’ that we cannot see but that exists. Are there more things to see than light alone would reveal to us?

For example, sound and smell are senses that enable us to understand more of the world around us as well. They help us to ‘see’ a more complete picture, more than we would understand with sight alone.

From an evolutionary perspective, the chances of the human eye developing and evolving are truly small. From a scientific perspective, we know that animals have senses or abilities we do not, such as echolocation, homing abilities, far superior smell abilities, and the ability to see light that we do not.

So, how many possible senses are we missing? How much of our world goes by each day without us really being able to see or understand what is happening or transpiring?

While science has come really far in so many ways, we still struggle to understand the complexities of human emotion and mental processing. Our work with mental illness, for example, is far from complete. We can capture some of our experiences, but we do not yet have a way to delve into the core of how we as humans process and experience life around us.

I have often been fascinated with how little we understand of what is inside of us personally. It seems that we often are the most blind to everything inside ourselves, and we often seek help or affirmation from others. We often turn to life coaches, therapists, friends, and family to help us to see or understand more about ourselves.

Sometimes we become frustrated with other people. Sometimes we wish others would just change. Sometimes we feel that someone is out to get us or is acting wrong or evil. Many people I meet express negative feelings about others or the world around them. From what we can see or understand, we often come to the conclusion that ‘they’ are the problem, not us.

What if, though, we don’t see everything inside that person? What does that mean for how we view or process the world?

Could it mean that maybe the person is doing the best they can? Could it mean that people are good, even if they are acting in a way that we wouldn’t? Could it mean, perhaps, that we have hurt somebody too and that they are reacting to that pain?

What if we could see good in the world? What if good shown like a bright light around those that did good deeds? How would we feel surrounded by good people and the light they had to share?

I often find myself telling my children that they don’t understand all that is taking place and that they need to know more in order to draw a conclusive opinion. They seem so quick to judgment at times, and are so convinced that they understand.

What if I am the same? What if, even though I feel confident in my understanding, I am blind to certain things? Do I really understand enough to pass judgment on a person or situation?

To me, the answer to the last question is a “yes and no”. If a person attacks another person violently, I can appropriately draw the conclusion and judgment that violence is not for me, and that I am committing to not respond that way. However, I cannot draw the conclusion that the attacker is a bad person, as committing a bad deed is different from being a bad person.

Ultimately, I have found that I have more peace in my heart when I look at life through the lens and assumption that people are doing their best, and that moments of weakness mean that there must be some fairly serious pain or issues they are carrying or facing.

I have been quite fascinated by the difference in the way I feel about the world based on the assumptions I make inside. When I assume that the world is bad and that people are bad and selfish, I become uptight, anxious, and stressed. I don’t enjoy life as much.

When I assume though that people are inherently good and are doing their best, I feel peace, I care more about people, and it is easier for me not to take any of their weak moments personally. We are all on a journey, and we are all working to see and understand what is really taking place here.

While I certainly do not have the ability to prove which view or opinion (inherently good or bad) is closest to the actual truth, I do know that for me, my belief about the world drastically impacts how I see and experience life. It very much seems, based on my experience with what is inside of me, that I see and experience what I believe inside.

In other words, it seems that my beliefs about others control what I ultimately feel and how happy or content I am with life. I am learning that we are far more connected as humans than we can see or verify scientifically, and that our beliefs about others impact so much of us inside.

And, if I have that much control of what I experience, I have decided to believe that good still exists, that the world’s best days are still ahead, and that the people around me are good people trying their best to process and understand all of the things that we are still blind to seeing or understanding.

This week, take some time to think about what you believe about others and the world around you. Do those beliefs bring peace, stress, anxiety, or something else? Ultimately, you can decide for yourself if you believe that your beliefs can change your experience here in this world.

For me, belief about others and the world form so much of what I see and experience, and since I have an understanding that there are things I do not see or know, it is essential for me to often reflect on the question “What if you could really see?”


We would love for you to come and help us see and understand more about the world around us. Believe is a community of people who are working to find and support all of the good that exists in our world. We would love to have you join us. The world’s best days are still ahead.

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