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Why Believe?

Do you struggle to find hope in the world around you?

Take a moment and ask yourself these next few questions:

What is your reason for getting out of bed each day?

Why do you go to work?

What are you working toward?

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 -10 years?

If you struggled answering any of these questions, then you could probably use some help strengthening your belief.

We go to work so we can pay our bills and or provide for our families, but why? Maybe we're looking for joy and happiness through recreation or longing for connection in friendships or romantic relationships. But you see, every single one of the questions above has to do with some future event or feeling. And ultimately, we would never work towards those things if we didn't BELIEVE it was possible…

But the less we believe, the more time we begin to waste, and the more time we waste, the emptier we feel, and the emptier we feel, the more stress and anxiety creep in and pretty soon we start losing hope and slip into despair.

It actually takes concentrated effort to believe. Our brains are wired to remind us of the past to protect us from future dangers, but no matter how much it thinks it can, your brain cannot predict the future. And so, this protective feature in our brains can also become self-sabotaging by stifling our belief based on past experiences, but once again it cannot predict the future. And so, you must train your brain, you must remind it that you're in charge and remind it to believe.

Without belief there's really no reason to be good is there? If we give up hope that we can change the world and help make a difference in someone's life or in our communities we won't even try. And if everyone stops trying to do good then that only leaves us with the bad.

Your belief matters, your choices matter. What you do and say can change lives. Be an example of the believers and let others know you still believe. Wear it so people who are struggling with their belief will know you believe in them as well!


Believe is a community of people working to change the world, for good. Members pursue their individual potential and strive to be involved in society at whatever level they can. We would love to have you join us on this journey, as we believe you are a being of divine potential. You have the capacity within you to change the world, for good.

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