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You Are Needed

Becky was given an opportunity to go with a youth group to hike and camp for several days. She was not excited about it and had early on decided she was not going to go. Many of her family members and friends encouraged her to go; expressing their love, support, and even their need for her to be there. She was grateful to hear that people liked her and wanted her to come, but she expressed that nothing was going to change her mind.

As the day of the trip drew closer, her determination set in deeper. Her family and friends had asked her why she didn’t want to go. She was not fully able to articulate why, but she felt very strongly that this trip was not for her. Her family had made the appropriate preparations for the trip just in case she changed her mind. Her youth group was aware of her desire to not go, yet just like her family, still held out hope that she would go.

She attended an activity a few nights before the departure date with the intention of confirming that she would not be going, and informing the organizers that they could give the things they had purchased for her to the other youth attending. An interesting thing happened as she was at this activity. People showed up for her. They genuinely wanted her to come and sought answers as to what was keeping her away. Even though she did not want her peers to know why, it became clear that her concerns about camping and hiking in an area unknown to her were influencing her desire not to attend.

Because people showed up for her, and expressed both in word and action that they needed her, on the morning of the trip, she showed up and went! She saw that she was needed. This group saw something in her that she could not see in herself. They valued it deeply enough that they were willing to invest a lot of time and effort in getting her to come and join them. Even though she was pushing family and friends away out of fear at first, she now saw that she needed them.

It is so important to help others know they are needed and to express specifically why we need them. In the case of Becky’s youth group, they let her know they needed her for her kindness, her happy disposition, and her willingness to both work hard and play hard. She came to understand that she could overcome more of her fears with them by her side instead of alone. As she showed up for them and her needs, she also came to realize her needs of overcoming fear were met by serving them.


Being needed and acknowledging the needs of others are important aspects of both relationships and a functioning society. Everyone needs to be needed. Feeling needed creates a sense of belonging and purpose. When others rely on you and recognize your contributions, it makes you feel valued within a group or community.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and recognizing and communicating our needs fosters reliance on others, which is a key component for healthy relationships. By first acknowledging our needs and then expressing them to others by seeking support, will open doors for emotional support which creates an environment where everyone can communicate and contribute their abilities and collaborate effectively, providing comfort, guidance, and assistance.

When we let others know we need them and rely on them, it builds trust and strengthens relationships. Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships, asking for help when we need it shows the people in our lives that we both value them and trust them to meet our needs.

Are you asking for help when you need it? Just as important, are you giving help to others when they ask for it?

Trust that what you have to offer is valuable. Your unique interests and talents are part of what builds a community. Trust that you are appreciated and valued. The very talents you were blessed with will bless others. Don’t be afraid to share your gifts – you are needed!

Reflect on the thoughts that come to you throughout your day; usually there are 3-4 that come more than any others. Those are the areas where you are most likely needed the most. When we feel needed, that is where passion and rhythm come naturally, and good things are built.

Having people want you around can be a good thing, but it is more meaningful when we understand the impact we can have on others and the impact they can have on us.


We need you in Believe! We need and want the good you have and know that your unique qualities and talents can help play a major role in building our community. We know that as we surround ourselves with good, we are then able to give more good that can reach limitless possibilities. We would love for you to join us in believing we are all needed to make the world a better place.

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