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Thank you for your support of Believe. We work hard to deliver value and inspire those around us. However, we do not have complete staff for all needs yet, and so we still rely on third-party service providers to fulfill some of the services. The fulfillment of purchases for our physical products is provided by other service providers. Because of this, we request that you read and understand our policies, including that we do not accept returns except to the extent required by law.

By purchasing Believe products, you agree that you are supporting the mission of Believe and that you have other people you can give the product to if it does not work for you.

Shipping Policy

We do not have a physical location we operate a store from. All physical items are either printed on demand or drop-shipped by third-party service providers. Due to this, the times, policies, and shipping services may vary depending on the product you select.

If you have any items that are not delivered after purchase, please let us know by emailing us. We will try to help resolve those issues by contacting the provider associated with your product. Please be sure to tell us the specific product or products that are at issue.

Due to the various service providers involved in delivering your product, we cannot guaranty processing, shipping, or delivery times.

Return & Exchange Policy

If you purchase an item from the online store, you do so with the intent of supporting Believe and its mission. You recognize and agree that when you order a product, costs are incurred to produce the product and ship it to you that would not have been incurred if you did not order the product. If you request a refund or exchange, then Believe would be out the costs of the product you ordered.

Accordingly, please do not purchase items that need to fit perfectly or that you will need to return if you cannot use them. If you are unable to make use of a product, please give it to someone else to help spread the message of believing. Your willingness to share with others will help Believe to operate and function as it should and will help spread good throughout the world.

In other words, all sales are final. If you purchased a jersey for Believe Sports and have not used it, or have another issue with any product you ordered it, please email us and we can attempt to help remedy the situation.

Thanks for your support of the Believe community!

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