Believe is a community. You are welcome to come or go at anytime. Any fees paid, however, are not refundable. If you pay for a year of membership, you may leave prior to that, but your payment cannot be reimbursed to you. If you are unsure of how long you want to stay, you can start out with a month-to-month commitment.

By creating a membership with Believe, you consent to follow our community standards and to only use your believe.ventures email in wholesome, uplifting, and inspiring ways. Our community standards are that:

  • We show respect and civility to others;

  • We do not swear or use foul language;

  • We are modest and inspiring in our dress and actions;

  • We share light with those around us;

  • We focus on solutions and positivity;

  • We live by truth and strive to connect with a higher power; and

  • We work hard to change the world, for good.

If it is discovered that you are violating community standards, Believe can revoke your membership and email at any time without a refund to you. We seriously work to maintain a positive community and ask our members to as well.


By registering with Believe, you consent to receive communications from Believe. By participating on Teams, you consent to receive contact or communication from other Believe members.

Believe will not sell your information to third-parties. Further, it is expressly prohibited for an individual or business to market directly to Believe members who have not separately opted in to the communication. Teams has a section for businesses to list their services and offerings. Individuals and businesses are allowed to respond to needs that are posted, or make suggestions on services that could be beneficial in response to inquires or questions on Teams.

If you allow a child in your household to use Teams or participate in Sports, you consent to the information you share about them (or that they share about themselves) to be known to others. You agree to direct any minor children to not share any private or sensitive information with others.

If you or your child is contacted or solicited in an inappropriate manner by any person associated with Believe, please report it to us immediately. We take the safety of our members seriously.


You agree that you are not relying on Believe to deliver products or services that will cause harm to you if they are not delivered as requested. In the event you suffer any damages as a result of your interactions with Believe, you agree that the maximum liability it carries towards you is limited to the amount of profit from the amounts you paid Believe within the last twelve (12) months.

In the event of a legal dispute, you agree to the jurisdiction of Utah and application of Utah laws to govern the resolution of the dispute. You agree to first submit any disputed items to mediation, and to only pursue legal action if mediation is unsuccessful. All legal actions shall be submitted in courts located in Salt Lake County, Utah, and you agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of such courts. All legal matters related to your membership or interactions with Believe shall be governed by Utah law. Each party shall bear their own legal fees.

By participating in any sporting or other activities, you acknowledge and agree that you are doing so at your own risk. You agree to hold Believe harmless from any and all injuries that may arise as a result of such participation, and you agree to only involve yourself in sporting or other activities if you are able to assume the risk of injury. You also agree that you have taken any necessary steps, such as seeing a doctor for a physical, to ensure that participation is right for you.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments

- Volunteering - By volunteering, you may receive discounts or free membership packages.